Hey there, I'm Kate :)

I'm a runner who likes lifting and yoga as well. I'm a student from Austria. Sometimes I'm paleo. Come by and say hello!

26.05.2013: 1st 5k ✓ (33:43)
21.09.2013: 2nd 5k ✓ (30:10)
numerous plans for 2014, hopefully getting under half an hour soon! :)

I am tracking the tag "katesrunning"!
Personal Stats / PR's

How I clean my room:


•start at one corner
•find something from 5 years ago and stare at it nostalgically for 10 hours
•go to bed

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Yessss! It’s actually my favorite shirt, Groot holds two pints and underneath it says “groot beer” ;)
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Whaaat thank you! Eyebrow compliments are the best compliments. I actually tweezed them before our vacation and I’m really happy with how they look right now :)
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Greece is also full of adorable kitties and I have yet to get my boyfriend on board of smuggling one of these home!
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Our friends left yesterday, now the last week is just my boyfriend and I ;) It was fun with them but spending time just us two is super relaxing!

In other news, there is a swedish girl in our hotel that I have a huge crush on. She’s not exactly shredded but you see that she’s strong and she has the best back, hammies and quads. Also she has a full sleeve tattoo. She just looks overall awesome but we haven’t talked to them yet, haha! (My boyfriend keeps telling me I have to test my swedish but I’m too shy) Makes me really want to get serious with weightlifting though…

How are you doing? I don’t have time to check my dashboard but I do look at my notifications and messages :)
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